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Dear and beloved our women! You make us stronger and kinder! Every time we perform a feat, we do it in the name of the beloved "Dulcinea"! Falling, exhausted after the battle with the "dragons" or "mills", we are eager for your support! Only You can lift us to Olympus, but only Your attitude can throw us out! Without You, there would be no one who connects us with future generations and this life - our children! And without you, children would grow up cruel and selfish, unable to love, create beauty and save the world!

We so crave for Your gentle palms to be strong, and pardon our weakness! ‘Cause we can show our weakness only to the closest persons in this world, to You our dear Ladies!

We love You our dear women! Happy Women’s Day! Let there will be peace, prosperity, and love in your homes!

Sincerely yours,

Savinov Sergey Viktorovich